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The popularity of foreign language in Indian curriculum is at its peak Students and parents alike seek a global connection to their education. All European languages have their own charm, and students should have an opportunity to choose their own according to their interest. Languages are an important component of the international curriculum. In most countries, students are taught three languages, one or two of which are foreign. Though English is taught as a compulsory language in most schools, it’s not actually considered a foreign language. Inclusion of another foreign language such as French, German, Italian, Russian or Japanese in the curriculum completes the foreign language teaching in schools.

↪ French: French is one of the most accepted foreign languages in India that students take up to learn. The French classes in North India are finding an expanding queue at the French learning counter over the years. Say it the charm of the sophistication of the language or the global acceptance of the language, there are many such appalling features of French language that attract the people towards it.

Why Learn French @ FOCUS LANGUAGE CENTER: 1. Best Experience Trainer For The French Language
2. French Language Class For Beginners
3. AC Class Rooms with Modern Facilities
4. WIFI Facilities Available In The Library
5. Excellent staff, they help out in each and every stage. Professional Approach Adopted.

↪ English: English language plays an important role in our daily life. It helps us to communicate with nearly all the people around the word, through the internet. Good English is a possibility of continue studies and the specializations in the best universities. it gives people access to a variety information over the internet.

How to Learn English @ FOCUS LANGUAGE CENTER: 1. Be realistic about your English learning goals
2. Practice speaking as well, not just reading and listening
3. Practice speaking English whenever you get a chance
4. Get native English-speaking friends and practice speaking with them
5. Do not be afraid of making mistakes

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