Corporate Training(IT)

↪ Course Detail We are a Finishing School with mission is to develop "Job-Ready" Professionals for next big On-Demand Application like OLA, UBER, Flipkart, PayTM, Sharechat & TikTok. Industry says " 94% of engineering graduates are not fit for hiring". Economic Times Survey says that Companies are looking for

1. Technical Skills: Expertise in solving real world problems through programming & languages

2. Cognitive Skills: Problem Solving, End User Thinking & Detailing to thrive in this changing technology landscape

3. Communication Skills: Linguistic, Structured Thinking & Communication,

↪ Our Philosophy: The only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time.
- Peter Drucker

↪ Internship Partners We are having partnerships with a number of companies for the internship program which are mentioned below. Apart from these Taptechie is constantly working on to make more and more partners to get our students exclusive internship opportunities.
1. Xoxoday
2. Datamonit
3. BrenoLabs
4. Pinkblue
5. Qapitol QA
6. Technoevans
7. Innoveteq IT Solutions
8. PenPencil
In addition of the above we provide open internship opportunities in various IT companies where the students can learn at the best possible level.

↪ Taptechie After Course Services Taptechie is functioning on a continuous education policy. Our courses are robust and we provide various after course services which is the ultimate requirement of this age of technological developers. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Job Assistance Service: Our HR team continuously provide you job opening data in the country as well as abroad. Apart from this we are also having various partners in the industry which hires directly from our programs.

2. Continuous Learning: We provide learning opportunities to our candidates at regular intervals. Such opportunities consist of seminars, workshops, study material etc.

3. Start-up Incubation: We along with our partner provide a platform for the development and growth of the start-ups.

4. Career Counselling: We provide career counselling post this course. The student can call and have the counselling from our trained counsellors.

↪ Freelancing Portals: There are a number of freelancing portals which are functioning in the Tech Sector. Candidates can get the work from these portals. Freelancers platform work on a pay per hour basis. Now a days companies are opting for outsourcing the work to the freelancing crowd. This gives the freelancers an edge over job seekers. Some of the portals are as mentioned below:
1. Upwork
2. Fiverr
3. PeoplePerHour
4. Workana
5. 99Designs
6. CleverTech
7. TopCoder
8. Twine
9. Toptal
10. Crossover
11. Gigster
12. PrestoExperts
13. Experts 360

↪ Certificate: Taptechie will provide you certification on completion of the program, along with credits and a project review report after the submission. Along with that we are working on to provide you an industry recognised certificate.
Apart from this we going to prepare along with this course for our partnered certificate programs where you have to pay a minimal amount and get a international certified documents:

1. Python Institute by OpenEDG: It is world’s biggest python institutes. Taptechie is one of the partner with the Python institute.

2. Javascript Institute: It is the biggest organisation that is providing javascript certificate in the world.

3. Microsoft Certifications: We are having various certifications available for the students.

In the above certifications students have to appear and clear the exams and all of these certifications are very much respectable in the corporate world. We are also working on to make more and more certificate partners.

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